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Booking on our Official Website is best, but why?

Best price guaranteed. How?
Our official website always offers you the best price online guaranteed as there are no intermediaries.

No intermediaries?
That's right. This will also prevent communication errors. Information comes to us directly.

How can direct communication help me?
Before, during and after. We are at your service whenever you should require us and we will provide you with truthful information about our establishment. We will advise you to ensure you get things right with your booking.

Are you always available? Every day at any time?
Yes. Our team works 24 hours a day to resolve any of your issues.

What is immediate confirmation?
The moment you make your booking, it enters our system instantly as there are no intermediaries involved. Availability confirmation will be effective at that moment and overbooking will be avoided.

Direct payment at the hotel?
Yes. You can pay for your booking directly on arrival, provided that the terms and conditions of your rate don't state otherwise.

What if I have a problem with my booking?
You can manage it directly with us and we will do everything possible to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Do I get to enjoy any room assignment advantages?
Yes. We always assign our guests the best room available within their chosen category.

How do I know the booking process is 100% secure?
Your browser will verify that the site is secure when you go to pay by showing the "green padlock". Furthermore, you data will be processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act and your credit card details will be stored in a system that may only be accessed by us, if payment is not to be made on arrival.

If payment is to be made on arrival why do I have to provide my credit card details?
Your credit card is used as a guarantee. If payment is to be made on arrival it will not be used.

For any other questions or further information contact us.

And remember, by booking on our website you can enjoy TONS OF ADVANTAGES!